Stripe NetSuite integration in Leapfin

View the journey of every transaction by combining Stripe events with other operational data — like other PSPs, order management, billing, and other systems — in Leapfin, your single source of truth for every financial transaction.

Accurately recognize revenue and automate ledger entries into NetSuite’s general ledger. Say goodbye to half-baked APIs, third-party connectors, or homegrown integrations. Leapfin turbocharges your Stripe transactions for faster analysis and close.

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Here's how Leapfin makes your Stripe Netsuite integration easier

Accurate reporting and analysis with real-time transaction insights  

Without an accurate view of every transaction’s journey, you can’t uncover ways to increase profits. How much tax are you I remitting for disputed transactions? Are you offering too many discounts?

Answer these questions with Leapfin. Leapfin combines Stripe events with other operational data, converts the transaction data into a universal Financial Record for easy segmentation and analysis, and automates ledger entry creation for reporting.

So, when you integrate it into NetSuite, you capture and analyze every dollar without missing a cent.

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Reconcile differences automatically

Dozens of events flow through Stripe daily – from payments to disputes to disbursements. But you still have irreconcilable differences and mistimed transaction reporting.

Why? Because part of the transaction lives in other systems which don’t observe similar immutability, the transaction might fall into the wrong period.

Leapfin automatically combines Stripe events with other transaction activities, assigns each activity to the correct period, and pushes fully reconciled entries into NetSuite. No more funky accounting or manual workarounds.

Pre-built logic for accurate financials

Sure, you can manually calculate foreign exchange rates or different tax rates across multiple journal entries.

Or, you could use Leapfin to apply these calculations, automatically create ledger entries, and push them into NetSuite, all without any manual effort. It’s up to you.

Pre-built logic for accurate financials and easy reconciliation between Stripe and NetSuite

Easy, pain-free audits with traceable transaction linking

Remember when audits meant filling in the gaps in the transaction story between billing and payment? What happens if you invoiced a user a few months ago and reinvoiced them a week ago because of a dispute?

Leap into the future, track transaction data changes, and link related activities together and back to their source. Answer auditor questions in minutes, not days.

Easy, pain-free audits with traceable transaction linking

What you get with Leapfin, Stripe, and NetSuite

  • Synchronize Stripe payments and charges with data in other operational systems and view a unified Financial Record that shows the whole transaction journey.
  • Leapfin fetches the following objects from Stripe: Invoices, Charges, Refunds, Disputes, Payouts, Credit Notes, Balance Transactions, Customer Balance Transactions, Fees, Fee Refunds, Transfers, and Reversals.
  • Connect multiple Stripe accounts to Leapfin.
  • Extensible platform that handles businesses with multiple subsidiaries, business models, different currencies, and thousands of daily transactions, even during peak seasons.
  • Track data sources in Leapfin for easy audit.
  • Apply logic like tax, foreign exchange, adjustments, and revenue recognition for quick segmentation and analysis
  • View real-time transaction data updated daily and automatically upload Financial Records into NetSuite
  • Set immutable accounting period parameters and apply them to Stripe data to ease reporting
  • See Stripe data process in real-time, automatically detect data errors, such as missing fields and invalid values, and view recommendations on fixing them.
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Leapfin is our valued partner for revenue recognition. All of the PSP data that we need for the month-end close lives in Leapfin and gets updated in real-time.

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Automate your journal entries at scale with Leapfin

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