Leapfin Product Intro

In this two-minute demo video, we'll show you how Leapfin works to enable you to report accurate revenues, daily, while giving you full visibility into your transaction data.


90% reduction in the time it takes to close

Unify transactions across multiple systems, automatically apply consistent, ASC-606 and IRS compliant revenue rules, and continuously recognize revenues with just a few clicks.


50% reduction in audit times and costs

Trace transactions through their lifecycle and drill down from aggregated subledger values into the source data. Hand the keys over to your auditors without extra costs, time, or fear of misstatement.

80% reduction in manual reporting hours

Prepare for increased growth with an end-to-end platform that eliminates manual Excel manipulation, data pulls and uploads, and messy mistakes. View real-time transaction data and revenue data as frequently as your business demands.


Say hello to Leapfin, the accounting automation platform that automatically creates reliable journal entries so you can close your books quickly and confidently.

But that’s just the beginning. We built Leapfin to give accounting and finance leaders the two things they need to be indispensable business partners: time and data visibility.

The old accounting process is manual, tedious, and repetitive. It’s filled with errors, stress, and so many spreadsheets.

With Leapfin, there’s a better way. Here’s how Leapfin transforms your accounting process and data to solve these problems.

Leapfin takes raw transaction data from all of your different sources. From Payment Service Providers like Stripe, Shopify, PayPal, Adyen, Google and Apple Pay and more; Order management tools like Zuora; billing systems, and homegrown systems too.

It applies logic to normalize and standardize that data, and creates Universal Accounting Records.

Leapfin enriches transactions with things like product tags and automatic currency conversion; and links related transactions together - including invoices, returns, disputes, payments, and more.

It applies curated and customizable accounting rules to ensure compliance with GAAP, SOX, ASC-606, and any other internal policies or industry regulations that are important to your business. 

It gives you the ability to properly lock periods to avoid confusion when data keeps changing.

And finally, Leapfin turns all of your revenue data into beautiful, balanced journal entries that can be easily posted to your general ledger and imported in NetSuite or any other ERP.

Imagine the time you can save when journal entries are prepared and posted automatically.

Imagine the insights you can provide when you are enabled with easy access to detailed financial data.

Imagine the opportunities your business can pursue when month-end close happens daily.
Imagine the joy you can bring back to your job - and your life - when you eliminate tedious, recurring, manual processes (and all those spreadsheets) every single month.

You don’t have to imagine. You just have to see Leapfin for yourself. Request a demo today.

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