About Us

Our mission: Liberate financial information to empower businesses to make and trust their decisions

Our Principles


Customer Success

Our customers’ success will always be our highest priority. We earn trust through our actions. We build everything around our mission to empower financial decision-making.


Take Ownership

Each of us operates as a leader. We take personal ownership of everything in our world and responsibility when things don’t work as planned.

Succeed Together

When we act, we take into account the needs of the team. We understand that to deliver customer success, we must all collaborate and succeed together.


Growth Mindset

Our talents can be developed through hard work, effective strategy, and the input of those around us. We are always learning and working to improve.


Bias for Action

Agility is a core strength. Decisiveness is productive. We believe progress is better than perfection — it’s better to launch an imperfect first draft today and iterate quickly.

Our Leadership Team

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