Report accurate financials every time

Eliminate accounting inaccuracies for good with complete, validated transaction data.


Close in less than 2 days without sacrificing accuracy

Balance reporting efficiency and accuracy across high transaction volumes with one platform to automate revenue accounting. Centralize transaction data from multiple sources, link related transaction activities for accurate adjustments, apply revenue rules, create journal entries, and generate ledger entries in Leapfin. Automate your manual reporting process from end to end without dealing with incomplete or inconsistent data.


Report on every adjustment with centralized transactions

Automatically extract and centralize transaction data across all sources into a single view that highlights every turn of every transaction. Leapfin recognizes revenues accurately by creating the right adjustment entries that reflect the entire transaction journey and applying consistent revenue rules.


Minimize risk with compliant revenue accounting

Create and apply accounting rules per ASC 606 and IFRS 15 to report consistent, compliant revenue numbers. Accelerate audits with verifiable subledger entries that you can trace back to the source and drill into to see journal entries, adjustments, and applied rules. Always be prepared for your next audit with verifiable, consistent, accurate financials.


Automate manual accounting

Ensure reporting is accurate and complete by automating your reporting process from data extraction through journal entry creation. Leapfin takes the manual steps out of your accounting processes, so you don’t have to second-guess your data or spend an overwhelming part of month-end trying to glue together spreadsheets.


Confidently advise on strategy

With accurate transaction data powering your financials, advise executives on their most pressing questions. And, as the owner of the most complete and accurate data, avoid probing questions and friction about inconsistent data on sources. Instead, focus on aligning with your leaders on the best path forward.


What makes Leapfin different?


Unparalleled accuracy

Report accurate, auditable revenue numbers every time with an automated, end-to-end revenue accounting platform.


Full transaction insight

View every turn of every transaction across multiple systems in one place for a clear view into the transaction journey and adjustments along the way. See updated transaction data and the data process, in real-time.

Audit-ready and traceable

Drill into subledger accounts to the source data – journal entries, revenue rules, transactions, and source systems.


Transaction agnostic

Integrate any transaction type or format from any and all systems and unify them into a unified, consistent, reportable format – the Universal Accounting Record.


Built-in support

We personalize onboarding to your needs, market, and regulatory requirements, getting you up and running, fast. After launch, we’ll stay with you every step of the way with product trainings, ongoing support, and a dedicated specialist.


Secure and reliable

Trust the data and the systems behind it. Leapfin is compliant with SOC 1 & SOC 2 Type 1 standards and operates at 99% uptime. Lock transactions to the period in which they occur to accurately reflect adjustments without fear of overwritten or lost data.

  • Leapfin helped parse out and make sense of the data that already existed. Simple searches in Leapfin make it easy to track things like refunds, revenue stream trends, and month-to-month movements. Without reporting bottlenecks, Canva is no longer vulnerable to surprises at month-end.
    Melissa Lee Corporate Controller, Canva
  • With Leapfin, We didn’t need to increase headcount significantly to account for our growth. We were able to double transactions, especially during peak seasons, without growing the accounting team.
    Ian Booler VP of Finance, Altitude Sports
  • Before Leapfin, our reporting processes relied heavily on Excel, and close took up to 90 days. Now, we can close in just 5 days because Leapfin automates our entire data process and revenue reporting so that we can report accurate, validated financials at the end of the month.
    Minnie Luo CPA, Director of Revenue Operations, Top Hat
  • If you’re a high complexity high transaction volume business, Leapfin is a no brainer.
    Damien Singh CFO, Canva
  • Leapfin has completely transformed our month-end close process, eliminating 4 days of manual work, with its ability to handle hundreds of millions of transactions and transform them into a subledger.
    Joe Blanchett Senior Product Manager of Finance Systems, SeatGeek

Start reporting accurate revenue financials today