Close in 2 Days, Even During Peak Seasons

Accelerate revenue accounting and report numbers in real-time with a single source of truth for all transactions.


Close in less than 2 days

Automate revenue accounting — from transaction clean-up and consolidation to ledger creation — with one platform, Leapfin. Eliminate manual accounting by pushing millions of transactions, even during peak seasons, into Leapfin. Close books frequently, even daily, with Leapfin and focus your time on more strategic tasks.


Report compliant numbers every time

Apply ASC-606 and IFRS-15 compliant revenue rules across transactions for consistent reporting that meets regulatory requirements. Drill into subledger revenue accounts to see the applied rules and check for compliance. 


Accelerate audits with traceable data

Help auditors find the data they need quickly to speed up the audit process. Trace subledger entries back to the source data and drill into journal entries to view recognition schedules, accounting rules applied, and calculations. 


Gain fresh insights with the data you need when you need it

Segment disaggregated transaction data details by different dimensions like product, transaction type, and geography to uncover novel insights. Uncover trends like discount overuse or refund increase that give you the tools to partner with cross-functional teams on strategic improvements.


Achieve peak volumes without re-engineering

Stop painful integrations and ERP limitations when your transaction volumes rapidly increase. Leapfin’s flexible architecture can easily handle peak seasons without slowing down accounting processes like revenue recognition.


Consolidate transaction data in one place for increased transparency

Storing transaction data across multiple systems or in a data warehouse causes data challenges that make it hard to account and  report on data or uncover strategic insights. By consolidating and creating Universal Accounting Records from your data in Leapfin, you get unparalleled visibility into all transaction journey details and every step in the revenue accounting process.

  • Melissa Lee
    Leapfin helped parse out and make sense of the data that already existed. Simple searches in Leapfin make it easy to track things like refunds, revenue stream trends, and month-to-month movements. Without reporting bottlenecks, Canva is no longer vulnerable to surprises at month-end.
    Melissa Lee Corporate Controller, Canva
  • ian-booler
    With Leapfin, We didn’t need to increase headcount significantly to account for our growth. We were able to double transactions, especially during peak seasons, without growing the accounting team.
    Ian Booler VP of Finance, Altitude Sports
  • minnie-luo
    Before Leapfin, our reporting processes relied heavily on Excel, and close took up to 90 days. Now, we can close in just 5 days because Leapfin automates our entire data process and revenue reporting so that we can report accurate, validated financials at the end of the month.
    Minnie Luo CPA, Director of Revenue Operations, Top Hat
  • damien-singh
    If you’re a high complexity high transaction volume business, Leapfin is a no brainer.
    Damien Singh CFO, Canva
  • headshot_joe-blanchett_large
    Leapfin has completely transformed our month-end close process, eliminating 4 days of manual work, with its ability to handle hundreds of millions of transactions and transform them into a subledger.
    Joe Blanchett Senior Product Manager of Finance Systems, SeatGeek

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