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Supercharge your ERP to get accurate GAAP reporting

Prevent garbage in, garbage out

ERPs are powerful, structured databases at the heart of your GAAP financial reporting. But because ERPs are at the end of the finance data flow - consuming data/journal entries from billing systems, payment processors, internal data warehouses - reporting is only as good as the data that goes into it. How should you think about structuring integrations with your different systems? How do you ensure you’re consuming transformed and complete data for 100% reporting accuracy?

Join Erik Lorenzen (Director of Financial Operations @ Trupanion) and Raymond Lau (Former Director Finance Operations @ Zynga and current CEO @ Leapfin) for a discussion on how to design your finance systems to get accurate and real-time GAAP reporting from your ERP. Learn from Erik as he shares his firsthand experiences optimizing finance systems.

*The information presented and discussed during the webinar represents the views and opinions of the speakers and does not necessarily represent the views or opinions of Trupanion.

You will learn:


How to think proactively about data and reporting prior to choosing your finance systems so you avoid disappointment and dreaded long implementations


What to look out for when connecting your finance systems and how to marry the data before pushing summary journal entries into your ERP


How to avoid manual data manipulation and transformation before data goes into and comes out of your ERP


Erik Lorenzen

Director of Finance Operations

Ray Lau

Ex-Finops @ Zynga & Founder & CEO

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