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How to perform transaction-level payment processor reconciliations

Reconciliations are far from being a fan favorite, yet they are critical components to ensuring your revenue is accurate and complete. Since high growth businesses with large transaction volume utilize many payment processors, reconciling to their billing systems may be one of the most crucial reconciliations. How do you identify timing differences? What cash has settled and in what period?

Join Aynsley Moffitt (Product Lead @ Leapfin) to learn how performing a payment processor to billing system reconciliation in Leapfin will be the easiest reconciliation you’ve ever done! He will also go over specific examples for subscription, e-commerce, and marketplace companies. 

You will learn how to:


Easily identify timing differences and other reconciling items


Reconcile on a transaction-level (instead of summary-level) for more accuracy


Use Leapfin for reconciliations at subscription, e-commerce, and marketplace companies!

About our speaker, Aynsley Moffitt

Aynsley is the first product manager at Leapfin. Prior to Leapfin, Aynsley worked at EY within the Advisory Services - Information Technology group, reviewing financial systems and ensuring the quality of financial data for Fortune 500 companies. In 2016, Aynsley joined FloQast as a Lead Product Manager for the Core Product and Premium Modules. His efforts in automating tasks and increasing compliance have contributed to a 300% increase in FloQast's NPS score. In his free time, Aynsley likes to learn, read, spend time with animals, and appreciate the outdoors, with a special affinity for the ocean

Aynsley Moffitt

Product Lead @ Leapfin

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