On-Demand Webinar

CXO insights on balancing subscription growth with business efficiencies

Every organization is looking for ways to drive growth while improving business efficiencies across people, processes, and technology. Utilizing these levers intelligently to accelerate digital transformation and improve customer experience is paramount. No one knows this better than CxOs of subscription companies.

Join our 45-minute CxO panel discussion featuring subscription-industry executives from Recurly, Scentbird, and Leapfin. They will dive into the challenges and opportunities associated with growing B2B and B2C subscription businesses and share strategies and tools that enabled their companies to scale audiences and revenue.

You will learn how to:


How to create customer centricity across people, processes, and technology to boost brand equity and grow share of wallet


Ways to balance customer acquisition and retention focus while maintaining a close watch on your subscribers’ evolving preferences and needs


Critical KPIs for monitoring growth and identifying opportunities for business efficiencies


Andrei Rebrov


Dan Burkhart


Ray Lao


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