Adhere to regulations with ease

Increase confidence in your numbers by automating compliant accounting.

Report accurate, compliant financials

Limit data handoffs and manual intervention that can expose your financial data to compliance risk and potential errors. Centralize transactions in Leapfin, automating revenue rules, recognition, and subledger creation for accurate, compliant, and verifiable numbers. Adhere to regulations without opening up a spreadsheet.  

Automate revenue accounting

Minimize risk with compliant revenue rules

Automate revenue recognition in Leapfin to minimize the risk of misstatements. Create and apply consistent ASC-606 and IFRS-15 compliant revenue rules across all transaction records for accurate, compliant, and consistent accounting. Trace subledger accounts to source data and view documentation of intermediary steps. Stay compliant and audit-ready at all times.


Streamline audits with traceable, transparent financials and rules

Conduct efficient audits with accurate, compliant, traceable financials in Leapfin. View compliance rules applied to each record and drill into subledger accounts to view detailed documentation of every step of the accounting process. With Leapfin, audits are headache and stress-free for you and your auditors.

Prepare for your next audit

Enhance visibility with consolidated, standardized data and process

Keep your entire revenue accounting process in one place to minimize room for error. Maintain tight control and compliance across records and processes by consolidating and standardizing your raw transaction data and automating the downstream revenue recognition in Leapfin. Enhance data visibility and access with one system of record – Leapfin – to operate efficiently and compliantly.

Standardize your data

Respond quickly to changing regulations as you scale

With scale come greater compliance responsibilities. Quickly adapt or update accounting records, even millions of them, to stay compliant with new regulations in Leapfin by creating new revenue rules that you can apply to your data with a few clicks. Evolve as quickly as your business without slowing down for manual rework.

What makes Leapfin different?

Unparalleled accuracy
Report accurate, auditable revenue numbers every time with an automated, end-to-end revenue accounting platform.
Full transaction insight
View every turn of every transaction across multiple systems in one place for a clear view into the transaction journey and adjustments along the way. See updated transaction data and the data process, in real-time.
Audit-ready and traceable
Drill into subledger accounts to the source data – journal entries, revenue rules, transactions, and source systems.
Transaction agnostic
Integrate any transaction type or format from any and all systems and unify them into a unified, consistent, reportable format – the Universal Accounting Record.
Built-in support
We personalize onboarding to your needs, market, and regulatory requirements, getting you up and running, fast. After launch, we’ll stay with you every step of the way with product trainings, ongoing support, and a dedicated specialist.
Secure and reliable
Trust the data and the systems behind it. Leapfin is compliant with SOC 1 & SOC 2 Type 1 standards and operates at 99% uptime. Lock transactions to the period in which they occur to accurately reflect adjustments without fear of overwritten or lost data.