Report on growing demands with daily reporting

Operate like your business, close revenues on demand, and automate revenue accounting across multiple systems and millions of complex transactions.

View accurate revenues daily to stay on top of your business

Properly accounting for transactions that come with increasing customer demands, new channels, and payment methods, can be challenging. Leapfin takes the burden off your team by automatically consolidating and augmenting transactions into detailed revenue accounting records, then layers revenue recognition and journal entry automation on top. View accurate revenues daily, just like your bank.

Close daily

Report compliant numbers every time

Explore the future of revenue accounting with Leapfin, enabling you to report compliant, accurate revenues across millions of transactions. Apply pre-built ASC-606 and IFRS-15 compliant revenue rules to transaction records and check for subledger compliance by drilling in to see the rules applied. Leapfin automates revenue recognition so you can focus on helping your business deliver better customer service.

Stay compliant

Fast-track audits with traceable financials

Help auditors get the data they need quickly by giving them access to Leapfin. Leapfin provides easy-to-validate, traceable, and accurate revenue numbers by centralizing the entire accounting process and your transactions in one place. Auditors can click into aggregated subledger accounts and view the source transaction, calculations involved, and revenue rules applied. Streamline audits with Leapfin as your single source of accounting truth. 

Conduct faster audits

Scale services and offerings without re-engineering your ERP

Balancing agile accounting with growing customer demands, channels, payment methods or service offerings can push your ERP past its limits. Leapfin takes the data processing and transformation burden off your ERP with a flexible architecture that scales with your business without extra storage fees or downtime. Run efficient accounting processes without feeling limited by your systems with Leapfin.

Increase visibility into transaction activities

Consolidate transactions across multiple systems including payment providers, point-of-sale, and invoicing tools into a single source of truth – Leapfin – for increased transparency into transaction details and to own your accounting data. Uncover novel insights, faster to better serve your customers with disaggregated data that can be filtered along any dimension. Make better decisions and tailor experiences to your customers with accurate, detailed, real-time data at your fingertips.

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