Conduct efficient audits, every time

Avoid mistakes and save on audit costs with accurate, auditable financials.

Speed up your audit process

Conduct efficient audits with easy-to-validate, traceable, accurate financials, powered by Leapfin. Centralize millions of transactions from multiple systems in one place, automate revenue recognition and bookkeeping, and link every activity back to its source. Hand your auditors the keys to Leapfin, which maps revenues in the general ledger back to the source data (and outlines all the steps in between).

Report accurate financials every time

Eliminate manual accounting and data manipulation with transaction data integrated across all sources, revenue rules applied consistently across every transaction, and adherence to the appropriate accounting standards. End second-guessing calculations with end-to-end accounting automation that generates accurate financials every time. 


Automate revenue recognition

Help your team adhere to controls

Empower your team with an accounting automation platform that recognizes revenues in compliance with GAAP. Create and apply ASC-606 and IFRS-compliant revenue rules consistently, even across millions of transactions, and nip pesky auditor questions in the bud with detailed revenue documentation to show your work. 

Stay compliant

Minimize audit risks with automated accounting

Always be ready for your next audit. With daily transaction data imports, Leapfin can recognize revenues as frequently as daily, giving the option to close continuously and provide your auditors with the most recent information. Apply regulatory standard changes to both go-forward and past accounting records instantly. Since Leapfin is always on, you’ll always be in compliance, no matter when your next audit is. 

Mitigate risks, automate close

Partner more effectively with auditors

Help your auditors help you by giving them end-to-end documentation from raw transaction data to the subledger accounts it feeds. Focus on partnering with your auditors, not searching for data, by giving them access to Leapfin, giving you extra time to partner with other organizations.

What makes Leapfin different?

Unparalleled accuracy
Report accurate, auditable revenue numbers every time with an automated, end-to-end revenue accounting platform.
Full transaction insight
View every turn of every transaction across multiple systems in one place for a clear view into the transaction journey and adjustments along the way. See updated transaction data and the data process, in real-time.
Audit-ready and traceable
Drill into subledger accounts to the source data – journal entries, revenue rules, transactions, and source systems.
Transaction agnostic
Integrate any transaction type or format from any and all systems and unify them into a unified, consistent, reportable format – the Universal Accounting Record.
Built-in support
We personalize onboarding to your needs, market, and regulatory requirements, getting you up and running, fast. After launch, we’ll stay with you every step of the way with product trainings, ongoing support, and a dedicated specialist.
Secure and reliable
Trust the data and the systems behind it. Leapfin is compliant with SOC 1 & SOC 2 Type 1 standards and operates at 99% uptime. Lock transactions to the period in which they occur to accurately reflect adjustments without fear of overwritten or lost data.

Leapfin helped parse out and make sense of the data that already existed. Simple searches in Leapfin make it easy to track things like refunds, revenue stream trends, and month-to-month movements. Without reporting bottlenecks, Canva is no longer vulnerable to surprises at month-end. 

Melissa Lee

Corporate Controller, Canva