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4 Ways Subscription Business CFO's Can Amplify Value.

Payments, billing, and revenue recognition are at the core of subscription businesses. Yet, most ERP and CRM systems are not designed to handle the complexities and nuances the subscription model brings—constantly evolving offerings and plan types, different billing models and payment terms, mid-month upgrades and downgrades, add-on charges. This leaves gaps you’re forced to try and close with headcount or point solutions, costing you and your organization time and money.

A shift in mindset and financial controls and processes is critical for any subscription-business finance team and critical for finance leaders. How have the experts done it? They’ll tell you.

CFOs and leaders alike must shift to a long-term recurring revenue mindset and design financial workflows that consistently deliver a frictionless customer experience and prevent churn. How have the experts done it? They’ll tell you.

Join subscription and finance experts, Recurly CFO, Steve Springsteel and CEO of Leapfin, Ray Lau for a 30-minute session.

You will learn how to:


Increase speed, efficiency, and simplify payment processes for revenue efficiencies.


Impact time to value and close business faster.


Implement financial processes that enable growth and cross-functional collaboration.


Steve Springsteel


Ray Lau

Founder & CEO

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