Universal Accounting Record

Unify transactions and the entire transaction journey into a standardized, reportable format in a centralized system of record.

Ease revenue recognition with standardized and complete data

Account for every step of the transaction journey in one place including adjustments, data relationships, and sources. Leapfin standardizes different transaction formats across source systems into a Universal Accounting Record that eases accounting, without spreadsheets.

Report on data trends and anomalies with ease

Filter and search across transaction data along different parameters like transaction type, currency, date, or product to easily create trend reports or spot anomalies. Monitor trends like discount use or disputes and other types of transactions, too.

Access real-time data, without waiting

Close and report revenues every day. Leapfin extracts transaction data from your payment and billing systems as frequently as daily and you can view the data process as it comes in.

Integrate your transaction processing systems without engineering

Create a holistic view of every transaction in your business by integrating your payment, billing, or other transaction processing systems into Leapfin with native integrations and open APIs. Take back data control, with all your transaction data flowing into one place.

Trust the data in your systems

Lock transactions to specific periods to report the right revenue numbers, at the right time. Leapfin also locks data into an immutable record to avoid tampering or errors. To secure data from prying eyes, Leapfin follows industry-leading security standards including SOC 1 & SOC 2 Type 1 compliance standards.

Learn about our Security approach.

Leapfin helped parse out and make sense of the data that already existed. Simple searches in Leapfin make it easy to track things like refunds, revenue stream trends, and month-to-month movements. Without reporting bottlenecks, Canva is no longer vulnerable to surprises at month-end. 
Melissa Lee
Corporate Controller, Canva