Leapfin Overview

Elevate your accounting game with one platform for transaction data transformation, journal entry automation, and financial reporting.

Universal Accounting Record

Transform and centralize transaction data from multiple sources into reliable, consistent, reportable records.

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Automated revenue recognition

Create and apply consistent revenue rules across accounting records and journal entries for accurate ASC-606 and IFRS-15 compliant revenue recognition.

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Revenue ledger

Auto-generate an accurate, consistent, balanced ledger using revenue records that you can easily integrate into your ERP without incurring unnecessary storage fees.

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Audit trail and transaction-level locking

Lock transactions to the period in which they occur to ensure that every transaction and adjustment is recorded in the proper period.

Power your accounting stack with Leapfin

Integrate Leapfin into your accounting systems – payment processors, billing systems, mobile apps, internal tools, ERPs, data visualization or anything else – to centralize crucial data for revenue accounting and push data downstream as well.

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Leapfin is essential to your bottom line (and reporting on it)

3 day
close (or less) across millions of transactions
reduction in manual effort and man hours
audit cost savings

How Leapfin works

Leapfin transforms transaction data into actionable, reportable, accurate revenue financials in five steps:

  1. Extracts transaction data from all the transaction processing systems including payment service providers, mobile apps, platforms, order and billing management systems, CRM, etc.
  2. Centralizes, standardizes, links, and enriches that data into a complete Accounting. Record for every transaction.
  3. Generates journal entries for each transaction event listed in the Accounting Record.
  4. Creates a subledger off of the journal entries.
  5. Makes those journal entries and Accounting Records available for financial reporting and analysis in your ERP, including NetSuite, or other financial systems.

What makes Leapfin different?

Full transaction insight
View every turn of every transaction across multiple systems in one place for a clear view into the transaction journey and adjustments along the way. See updated transaction data and the data process, in real-time.
Transaction agnostic
Integrate any transaction type or format from any and all systems and unify them into a universal, consistent, reportable format – the Universal Accounting Record.
Audit-ready and traceable
Drill into subledger accounts to view source data – journal entries, revenue rules, transactions, and source systems.
Unparalleled accuracy
Report accurate, auditable revenue numbers every time with an automated, end-to-end revenue accounting platform.
Flexible and expansive
Leapfin’s flexible architecture expands with your transaction volumes without slowing down, extra storage fees, or system rebuilds. Push millions of transactions, new product lines, international currencies into Leapfin
Audit-ready and traceable
We personalize onboarding to your needs, market, and regulatory requirements, getting you up and running, fast. After launch, we’ll stay with you every step of the way with product trainings, ongoing support, and a dedicated specialist.

The world’s leading digital businesses run on Leapfin

If you’re a high complexity high transaction volume business, Leapfin is a no brainer. It’s bloody amazing. With Leapfin we’re able to see the power of disaggr egated data. Now we can better track refunds and trends, new revenue streams, and explain month-t o-month movements.

Damien Singh