Leapfin Finance Data Platform

Stop cutting and pasting! Spend more time on analysis with complete end to end Operations to Finance data.

Convert operational data into financial data and track the journey of every transaction

Unify Order to Cash: integrate, map, and extract data from operational sources

Pull data from Order to Cash systems such as PSPs, mobile app stores, billing systems, databases, ERPs, and internal tools.

Link related transaction activities and create a unified, immutable financial record to view data trends and discrepancies across your finance data.

Trace transaction data back to its operational sources for easier audits.

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Standardize, scale, and automate reporting in Leapfin Engine

Standardize operational data into a unified format – the Leapfin Finance Data Graph – to drill into, filter, and segment. Track events from operations to finance in a centralized Finance Data Platform that links related activities.

Automatically convert financial records into reconciled journal entries and ledger entries.

Handle massive transaction volumes, up to millions per day. Always feel confident in your data, even during peak season.

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Apply revenue logic using Leapfin Apps

Apply revenue logic to your transactions to automate revenue accounting needs like revenue recognition, tax adjustments, foreign exchange adjustments, and more.

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Slice and dice detailed transactional data

Whether you want to report financials or create a product profitability report, access the data you need without the fuss.

Filter and download reports for ad-hoc analyses or audits or use Leapfin’s integrations or API to connect with popular tools like Snowflake, Looker, or NetSuite. Segment data based on fields like country, model, or product.

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Leapfin is our valued partner for revenue recognition. All of the PSP data that we need for the month-end close lives in Leapfin and gets updated in real-time.

Emily Eagon Controller @ Medium

The Leapfin Advantage

  • Flexible & Scalable: Scale Leapfin with your business without storage limits or hidden costs. Easily add new product lines, business units, and currencies without fully re-engineering Leapfin.
  • Unified, extensible Financial Record: View data from different operational tools in the same format for easy analysis and comparison.
  • Automated Ledger Entries : Automate journal entries with pre-built logic to account for any situation, like credit issuance, full and partial refunds, disputes, chargebacks, and more. Automate ledger entries and post them to the ERP general ledger as often as you want.
  • Manage performance: See fully reconciled transactions and metadata to summarize transactions for analysis along any dimension
  • Fully integrated: Integrate Leapfin with any Order to Cash system – PSPs, OMS, mobile apps, and billing systems – through native integrations and APIs without tapping engineering.
  • Immutable & Auditable: Lock periods to prevent journal entries from changing and enforce proper accounting conventions. Trace transactions to their source and accounting period with Leapfin’s immutable, easy-to-audit records.
  • Accessible: Access your finance data easily with no SQL or coding required. Integrate Leapfin with downstream systems like your ERP, data analysis, and data visualization tools without tracking down Excel sheets or involving engineering.

Automate your journal entries at scale with Leapfin