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Finance Transformation wishes for 2023: The Leapfin Virtual Cocktail Event

Last week, 150 finance systems and finance leaders joined us for a Leapfin virtual cocktail event, learned to mix some drinks, and heard amazing toasts and insights for 2023 from Sagar Sanghvi of Accel (see last week’s blog post), Lisa Arteca of Grove Collaborative, Jason Berwanger of Lower.

We’ll share the full video soon so you can make a couple amazing cocktails yourself at home, but for today we’re sharing Lisa’s three wishes for our community in 2023!

One: quick access to clean and organized data

Two: leveraging AI that in technology or in finance to not just automate thoughtless tasks with RPA but also thoughtful tasks, like coding invoices and forecasting.

Three: fix ERPs! (an always popular wish!!)

See Lisa’s toast below!

Leapfin Team