Leapfin appoints Jason Berwanger as Chief Architect

Leapfin appoints Jason Berwanger as Chief Architect

Leapfin, the leading Finance Data Platform, announced today that Jason Berwanger has joined its team as Chief Architect. 

Berwanger is a thought leader in the finance systems and data space. He was the technical lead on Root’s IPO in 2020 and has held many roles as both a business executive and tech leader at companies including Root, Huckleberry and Lower. 

“Leapfin landed a game changer by adding Jason Berwanger to their leadership team. Jason is one of the most talented technology and business polyglots I’ve had the pleasure to work with. I can’t wait to see how he positively impacts Leapfin’s rocketship trajectory, ” said William Kaper, a technology executive, Founder of Leverage Loop and former GM at Amazon.

“My focus will be working with our customers and product teams to drive innovation and thought leadership for the problem that plagues virtually every finance/accounting team and organization: data, ” explained Berwanger. “It’s the lifeblood of business. It’s everywhere, it’s growing exponentially, it’s sprawling in every direction, but unfortunately creating complete financial records of the entire journey of a transaction that you can use to truly understand a business’ health from atomic to analytic are often an afterthought, or at the very least a painful process.”

Berwanger added he believed this topic would become a first principles focus of wartime CFO’s & CEO’s in 2023, as the zeitgeist continues to shift away from growth at all costs to a more fundamental finance data driven belief system. 

“My first order of business is to create a space and evangelize the need for financial systems (both the investment in expertise and architecture!). As I’ve started to dig into the space, I’m already super energized about how much commonality there is in problems with the finance systems architecture out there, particularly in high transaction and digital first businesses.“

About Leapfin

Leapfin turns production data into finance data in real time for the world’s leading digital brands.

The Leapfin Finance Data Platform unifies billing, ordering, payment, CRM and other production data with intelligent accounting automation to create a GAAP-compliant, immutable Leapfin Financial Record for every transaction. 

The Leapfin Finance Data Platform provides reliable and fast financial reporting to controllers, transaction-level detail for analysis to finance and visibility to real-time revenue to decision makers.

Canva, Reddit, SeatGeek, Medium, Vimeo and many other fast-growing, high-volume digital brands trust Leapfin to be their finance data system of record.