Simplify your finance reporting stack

Use a single source of financial data for all your transactions.

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Stop wasting cycles implementing a data warehouse for finance

A data warehouse isn’t designed for finance, which has specific needs like revenue recognition accounting rules and period locking.

Stop drowning engineering, data, and finance teams in work trying to build or maintain a custom solution.

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Eliminate inaccuracies and month-end surprises

Create accurate, complete, consistent, and balanced journal entries every day. Identify anomalies immediately, when it’s early enough to fix them and stay on budget

accelerate audits

Free up engineering, data, and accounting’s time

Alleviate the pains of integrating disparate operational systems with a fully integrated finance data platform that centralized all your transactions and automates journal entries and ledger posting, so your teams can focus on value-added work.

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The Leapfin Advantage

  • Work more efficiently with a fully automated system that integrates with every Order to Cash system – PSPs, OMS, mobile apps, and billing systems – and automatically translates that into a finance data graph and a log of the entire transaction journey to track financial performance. Manage individual transactions, journal entries, and your subledger in one place.
  • Automate manual accounting processes like journal entry and ledger entry creation with Leapfin using pre-built logic that layers on top of your transactions.
  • Accelerate accounting timeframes with continuously reconciled numbers that enable you to close books more often than once a month to track financial performance more closely.
  • Support strategic decision-making with continuous accounting and real-time data in a centralized platform your entire team can access.
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Leapfin is flexible, easy, and allows us to refocus our engineering and accounting resources on activities that will bring the company value.

joe blanchett Joe Blanchett Senior Product Manager of Finance Systems @ SeatGeek

Automate your journal entries at scale with Leapfin