Real-time data solutions for FP&A

Be a fantastic business partner. Use real-time, integrated data to drive better analysis and decision-making with your business teams.

Deliver accurate, up-to-date analyses with real-time finance data

Tired of waiting for close to get actuals, jumping between platforms to stitch together the transaction journey, or waiting on engineering to get real-time financials?

Get a single source of truth for all financial data and view every transaction flowing through your business in one place, in real time. Spot discrepancies or issues, like a spike in disputes from Stripe or overuse of discounts as they’re happening, not after the fact.

Segment detailed transaction data to improve contribution margin

Filter data based on parameters like product line, geography, currency, or transaction source with detailed transaction data at your fingertips. Adjust offerings to maximize contribution margin for every segment.

View the full transaction journey for every transaction to spot trends and behaviors

Drill into each transaction to see its lifecycle or identify issues such as repetitive discount usage without jumping between platforms or spreadsheets.

View every transaction in one unified financial record, tracing each activity back to its operational source.

Integrate with your favorite analysis and visualization systems

Spot trends and visualize accurate, real-time transaction data in your preferred analysis system like Tableau or Looker.

When you share dashboards with your team, they’ll always be up-to-date with the most current data.

The Leapfin Advantage

  • Work more efficiently with a platform that automates and optimizes your OTC processes, integrates with your OTC systems, and translates operational data into a detailed transaction journey log. Track performance and focus on driving contribution margin growth with ease.
  • Track real-time performance with ease with real-time data across all of your operational systems without waiting for month-end close, downloading Excels, or waiting on Engineering to pull the data.
  • Respond to analysis requests quickly with real-time data. Need to create a new forecast to reflect customer behavior changes from the past week? Do so in hours, not days, with Leapfin. Model different strategies to improve forecasts that much faster with real-time data.
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Leapfin is flexible, easy, and allows us to refocus our engineering and accounting resources on activities that will bring the company value.

joe blanchett Joe Blanchett Senior Product Manager of Finance Systems @ SeatGeek

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