Real-time, integrated solutions for Finance Systems leaders

Help your Finance team and business thrive with a fully-integrated Finance Data Platform built to satisfy everyone’s requirements including real-time transaction data and automated reporting.

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Integrate all finance systems together, from PSPs to ERPs and visualization tools

Native integrations and APIs get you set up fast. No need for Product or Engineering to build a data warehouse, revenue logic, JE and ledger automation, and transformations from scratch.

Create a single source of truth for Finance to see the full journey of every business transaction

Standardize operational data into the unified Leapfin Finance Data Graph, preserving crucial metadata like geography, currency, and line items.

See, drill into, filter, and segment the entire transaction lifecycle and related activities.

Unified financial data for Accounting and Finance

Simplify reporting for accounting with automatic order to cash reconcilation and revenue recognition for every transaction for accurate, compliant, and immediate reporting.

Provide FP&A with real-time detailed actuals they can filter on any parameter – business model, product line, geography, and currency – to quickly generate the best forecasts.

Accelerate audits for your team with records that link to their source and an easily accessible, SOC-1-compliant platform

Simplify audits with a subledger connects every aspect of each transaction and links to source data.

Auditors can see the revenue logic applied to any transactions, and their source to validate accuracy and compliance.

Scale Leapfin with your business without re-engineering the platform

Support growth without technical resources as your business scales, growing transaction volumes to millions or billions, adding new product lines, business models, geographies, or general ledger codes.

Maintain data control and integrity with an enterprise-grade Finance Data Platform

Maintain immutable transaction records that lock to specific accounting periods to simplify reporting

View an audit log to view every update to your data to maintain system integrity.

Looking to implement a Finance Data Platform in your business?

Learn about the key functionality to consider as you shop for a finance data platform solutions. Read our Finance Data Platform Buyer’s Guide.

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The Leapfin Advantage

  • Scale your business with ease with Leapfin which can support high transaction volumes and can easily integrate data for new product lines, geographies, business models, and more without ongoing maintenance from your team or fully re-engineering the platform.
  • Centralize and streamlining your transaction records without building integrations with your internal data storage systems, PSPs, billing systems, OMS, CRM, mobile apps, ERPs, and analysis tools from the ground up. Simply connect Leapfin to your operational tools with native integrations and Leapfin APIs and we’ll run the data processes and standardize, unify, and link transactions into a unified Financial Record.
  • Automate accounting reporting with Leapfin by providing your team with a Finance Data Platform that automates journal entry creation with pre-built logic which layers on top of transaction records and then uses journal entries to automate subledger creation for seamless ERP integration.
  • Save precious time and resources by letting Leapfin do the heavy lifting so you can focus on enabling your team in other ways. Leapfin’s customer support team is with you every step of the way to make sure your team can get the data it needs, quickly.
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Leapfin is flexible, easy, and allows us to refocus our engineering and accounting resources on activities that will bring the company value.

joe blanchett Joe Blanchett Senior Product Manager of Finance Systems @ SeatGeek

Automate your journal entries at scale with Leapfin