Solutions for the CFO

Real-time reconciliation, revenue recognition, and detailed reporting across Order to Cash.

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Calculate real-time contribution margins in minutes

Unlock new business opportunities and take your financial strategy to the next level.

Centralize detailed transaction data to segment data and develop accurate, defensible forecasts and analyses.

Discover innovative ways to maximize profitability and improve your cash position across your business.

Deliver accurate financials anytime

Deliver bulletproof financials anytime confidently and easily with accurate, real-time transaction data. Say goodbye to unreliable provisional reporting and convoluted workarounds to make the numbers add up.

Automate all the heavy lifting, from journal entry to subledger calculations, while keeping everything linked to source transactions.

View every turn of every transaction

See the full story of every transaction with links to all related activities in the Leapfin Finance Data Graph: from invoicing a customer to failed collection attempts and even bad debt expenses.

Save precious time jumping between sources to piece together a transaction during close, audit, or ad hoc analysis.

Easy, pain-free audits with traceable transaction linking

Focus your team on value-added work

Free your team from the monotony of manual tasks. Integrate operational tools, convert transaction data into standardized finance records, and centralize every transaction for easy access.

View related activities alongside each transaction and trace them back to their source. Automate your team’s journal and ledger entry creation with prebuilt logic so you can continuously close books analyze real-time data.

The Leapfin Advantage

  • Boost team efficiency with ‌Leapfin’s automated platform which integrates with your OTC tools, translates the data into a real-time transaction journey log, and accelerates reporting with automated journal and ledger entries.
  • Track real-time performance with Leapfin. See company performance without waiting for close. View your invoice-to-payment process, number of disputes, or anything else related to your margins segmented by geography, product line, business model, or currency.
  • Maintain compliance and improve audits with auto-generated journal entries with pre-built revenue logic applied according to revenue accounting standards. Ease audits by tracing transactions back to their source from your ERP system.
  • Accessible across the team with no SQL or coding required. Integrate Leapfin with downstream systems like your ERP, data analysis, and data visualization tools without tracking down Excel sheets or involving engineering.
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Leapfin helped us reduce month-end close by at least 2 days by automating our cash reconciliation process.

Rebecca Wang Director of Finance @ Guideline

Reconcile every transaction at scale with Leapfin