Connect and transform siloed transaction data hidden into reportable financials and actionable insights with Leapfin.

End-to-end connected data

Leapfin’s revenue accounting automation platform is designed to handle millions of transactions and transform them into accounting records, journal entries, and subledger accounts.

Here’s how Leapfin works:

  1. Extracts transaction data from all the transaction processing systems including payment service providers, mobile apps, platforms, order and billing management systems, CRM, etc.
  2. Centralizes, standardizes, links, and enriches that data into a complete Accounting Record for every transaction.
  3. Generates journal entries for each transaction event listed in the Accounting Record.
  4. Creates a subledger off of the journal entries.
  5. Makes those journal entries and Accounting Records available for financial reporting and analysis in your ERP, including NetSuite, or other financial systems.

Actionable, accessible, transparent insights powered by flexibility

Built with Finance teams in mind, Leapfin is built upon a flexible, transparent data model that centralizes, standardizes, and establishes relationships across millions of transactions and transforms them into reportable financial records like journal entries and subledger accounts. Close your books in minutes, not days, with transparent, actionable data.

Leapfin applies its data model to two crucial events in the accounting process: the Accounting Record Graph (transaction data transformation) and Revenue Accounting.

Accounting Record Graph
The Accounting Record Graph transforms raw transaction data into detailed records by establishing links between related transaction activities to represent the transaction trail and every adjustment along the way. This information then gets converted into a Universal Accounting Records that provides visibility into the entire transaction journey.
Revenue Accounting
Leapfin applies revenue rules (templated or customized) to Universal Accounting Records to then create journal entries that adhere to accounting and compliance standards and recognize revenues accurately. These journal entries then serve as the basis for subledger creation. Drill into the subledger or journal entries to see the transaction details and data within.

What makes Leapfin different?

Daily data updates
Close books continuously with real-time data. Leapfin extracts data from your transaction processing systems daily and enables you to see the data process in real-time.
Integrated into data stack
Integrate your transaction processing and financial reporting in systems in Leapfin for complete visibility into your transactions and to streamline the accounting process.
Immutable records
Lock accounting records and journal entries to ensure new transaction data doesn’t overwrite historical data crucial for accurate reporting.
Trusted data
Protect valuable revenue data in Leapfin’s SOC 1 and SOC 2 Type 1-secured platform. View audit logs which highlight the data process and every user activity in Leapfin.

Leapfin has completely transformed our month-end close process, eliminating 4 days of manual work, with its ability to handle hundreds of millions of transactions and transform them into a subledger. Our close is now reliable and repeatable, by replacing clunky, SQL and Excel-based processes with streamlined integrations, detailed transaction data, automated journal entries, and an aggregated, immutable subledger.

Joe BlanchettSenior Product Manager of Finance Systems, SeatGeek