Leapfin Finance Data Platform

Our modern finance data platform transforms your operational data into finance data, maintains compliance with accounting rules, and produces detailed financial reports

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What is Leapfin?

Leapfin manages all of your finance data from start to finish. We integrate and validate data from multiple sources to generate accurate financial and operating results.


  • Implementation is significantly faster with no expensive customization
  • Pre-built integration connectors with drill back and drill through capabilities
  • Pre-packaged and configurable business rules and logic
  • 100% transparency and audit trails for data from reports to source

How do we do it?

Our solution works alongside with your existing financial tech stack.

Leapfin is comprised of our Finance Data Platform and Revenue Subledger. Together they work harmoniously in a 4-step process to fully manage your financial data pipeline end-to-end.

Our pre-built integration connectors offer direct integration with any ERP or source systems. Data quality and integrity are validated and verified throughout. Our pre-packaged business rules translate these transactional level data into actionable event-based journal entries.

Leapfin Revenue Platform

  • Our Financial Data Platform consolidates data from your existing financial systems and standardizes your data models.

  • Our Revenue Subledger automates transaction-level journal entries based on business events and spits out summary journal entries into your general ledger on a daily basis.

Finance Data Platform

Revenue data integration

Integrate your finance data using pre-built integration connectors

You don’t have to dig through API docs anymore because Leapfin does the work for you.

There are hundreds of integration endpoints to choose from, and we know which of the 27 endpoints you will need. You won’t need an accountant and 3-4 months of ERP consultation.


Financial Data Platform

Data management & enrichment

Unify finance data across silos into a cohesive Financial Record Graph

Our proprietary Financial Record Graph data model links all of your siloed financial data together into one harmonious story.

There is no need for a long implementation when you don’t have to change your entire data model.


Revenue Subledger

Revenue accounting rules engine

Apply accounting policies in a pre-built rules templates to generate event-level journal entries

Through years of experience, we know the right balance between pre-built templates and flexibility.

Our proprietary Rules Engine provides configurable building blocks which meet your specific revenue policy needs, without having to worry about any code changes. Trust the rules that were battle-tested by Big 4 auditors and high growth companies just like yours.


Revenue Subledger

Reporting & data sharing

Summarized journal entries are posted into your ERP

No need to pollute and slow down your ERP with millions of journal entries. Leapfin can summarize journal entries at the level that makes sense for you, posting to your ERP at the right cadence (e.g. daily, monthly).

Summarized journal entries in your ERP are traceable to every financial record in Leapfin to be 100% audit proof.


Why is Leapfin’s technology better?

  • Immutable Data Audit Trail

    Every data change over time is tracked and captured. Leapfin ensures changes are append-only so that every change to a transaction is traceable.

  • Configuration not Customization

    With our extensive library of pre-packaged business rules and logic that translates every financial event into journal entries, you won’t need costly customization.

  • Full Transparency and Audit Trails

    Automated transaction-level journal entries, reconciliation, and matching allows you to get pinpoint accuracy and reconcile down to $0.

  • Financial Record Graph

    Our proprietary Financial Record Graph data model is highly configurable to fit the uniqueness of your business.

  • Unify Your Siloed Finance Data

    Our Financial Record Graph links financial data from multiple silos and creates an end-to-end journey for every transaction from order to cash.

  • Massively Scalable

    Our platform is built to handle massive data volume for the digital era. With multiple data repositories for various data accessing and use cases, Leapfin can handle hundreds of millions of transactions without slowing down.

Why can’t I do it?

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