Payment handling

Create journal entries to track cash movement for payments

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Track payments on invoices and automate journal entry creation

Automatically create journal entries for invoice and payment entries to recognize revenue accurately. This way, your books are always up to date, record the right revenue metrics, and show your current cash position.

Create journal entries for invoices sent to the customer

When you send an invoice to a customer, use Leapfin to create a journal entry to debit accounts receivable and credit revenue.

Recognize customer invoice payments with auto-generated journal entries

Once you receive payment for an invoice from the customer, match the payment activities to an existing invoice and auto-generate a journal entry record.

Real-time visibility into your revenues

View your real-time cash position and track how long it took the customer to pay after receiving an invoice. Filter and segment data to make informed decisions about customer payments and easily identify any discrepancies or payment delays.

Drill into the data to determine why customers’ payments are delayed so you can adjust payment policies. Manage customer payments better and proactively ensure payments are received on time.

Automate your journal entries at scale with Leapfin