Dispute handling

Track disputes on standalone and subscription purchases with ease

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Recognize disputes accurately every time

Report disputes accurately depending on where they are in the process, whether the customer has just initiated a dispute with the PSP or whether the dispute has been won or lost. Auto-generate the appropriate journal entries to reflect each stage of the dispute process, recognize revenue accordingly, and calculate cash flow.

Pause revenue recognition for long-term engagements like subscriptions and resume it if you win the dispute. Report the most accurate revenue numbers, regardless of when a customer disputes a payment.

Recognize disputes on standalone purchases

Auto-generate journal entries for all dispute steps for an immediate recognition purchase: for recognized revenue at purchase, to revert revenue and disburse to the PSP when the dispute is initiated, and to receive payment back if the dispute is won.

Correctly record subscription disputes according to the length of the engagement

Recognize revenue and record journal entries correctly for disputes on subscription accounts: auto-generate a journal entry to signify the PSP reverting the payment, recognize the revenue for the engagement’s duration before a dispute, and revert deferred revenue for the duration of the engagement before a dispute and after. If you win the dispute, create a journal entry to reverse the payment reversal.

Real-time visibility into revenue leakage

View accurate revenue numbers daily in Leapfin to understand the real-time state of your business and identify revenue leakage as it’s happening instead of many periods after the fact. Leapfin processes disputes in real-time so you can understand their impact right away. Filter by segment and dispute to identify overall trends in customer behavior and proactively develop solutions to mitigate revenue leakage in the future.

Automate your journal entries at scale with Leapfin