Deferred Revenue Recognition

Auto-generate journal entries for short-term and long-term deferred revenue recognition

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Auto-generate journal entries and track short- and long-term deferred revenue

Report accurate revenue numbers and eliminate manual data entry.‌ Match deferred revenue recognition schedules based on the product and service delivery timelines.

Accelerate revenue recognition for multi-item invoices

Recognize revenue for items like warranties, plans, devices, and products separately within multi-item invoices.

Process each item separately to accelerate revenue recognition for products and services you’ve delivered rather than deferring the entire invoice until you’ve performed the last obligation.

View service delivery trends with detailed, segmentable reporting

Analyze short-term and long-term deferred revenue trends with interactive, segmented reports. Spot deferred revenue discrepancies across different segments with real-time data you can slice and dice. Proactively develop new strategies to speed up time to revenue or change payment terms to accelerate time to value for the customer or profit for your business.

Automate your journal entries at scale with Leapfin